PM10: 38μg/m3
SO2: 10μg/m3
C6H6: 1μg/m3

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    Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcąco - Technicznych is situated in 3, Ks. Płk. J.Szymały - Street. Comprehensive as well as vocational classes take place in the building. Our students get practical education at local employers or abroad - as a part of Leonardo da Vinci programme.

    The Comprehensive school offers a good preparation for University, particularly in the fields of Economics, Linguistics and Social studies. A good grounding in the basics mathematics can assist future success in Science particularly in a specialized University.

A Technical school leaver can obtain a Technician Diploma as well as Europass in English, this can assist a person in the pursuit of employment abroad. Students are also prepared for studying at a Technical Universities and a School of Economics, especially in similar fields such as: Architecture, Construction, Mechanics, Machine Building, Information Technology, Tourism, Economics, Marketing and Management and numerous others.

    Our school is well-equipped with four modern information technology labs, computerized library and language lab. In addition every classroom is fully equipped with IT based teaching aid in an effort to assist the students and ensure classes challenge the abilities. It is also possible to use overhead projectors, DVDs and multimedia whiteboard. The whole school operates a free internet access policy for students and academic staff.

    The electronic class register expanded opportunities for students and their parents to keep up to date with individual results via the internet.

    There is also extensive provision for sport with our multipurpose sports field.

    There is also a wide variety of extracurricular activities on offer including : various sports clubs, language clubs, math clubs, field trips, errstic club, first aid club and a journalism club. In addition a Theatre, Vocal and Dance group are including with the arts facility.

The students in preparation for final year exams are offered consultation, career guidance opportunities and other activities. Some of the classes are organized in cooperation with European Union.

There is Academic cooperation with a number of Universities and Colleges e.g. High School of Banking in Chorzów, Silesian Polytechnic, Częstochowa Polytechnic. Our students are allowed the opportunity to participate in Iectures at a number of Universities as well as to work with visiting foreign lecturers who visit the school.

    There is a good atmosphere in our school both within the student and academic population. There are trips offered during the year and students have gone on trips within Poland and also abroad (Spain, Italy and Germany). There is also an opportunity to participate in school events such as induction ceremonies for first grade students, integration trips, school-leaving ceremonies, sports events.

Students as well as teachers contribute to exceptional atmosphere in our school.